Elite Design Services

We design beautiful books that get you noticed.

Exceptional Book and Interior Design Services

We’ll craft a book cover that gets noticed
along with an interior that is a pleasure to read.

eBook Cover Design

Up to 3 design concepts with revisions.

Our elite designers will craft an ebook cover design that will get you noticed online. Many times, graphic designers do not know or do not pay attention to how your book cover will display with other covers and in different sizes online. BeauxArts knows what sells and what will get noticed within an online catalog, like Amazon.

Print Book Cover Design Service

Up to 3 concepts with revisions.

While the vast majority of books sold today are in an ebook format, many times you need a physical book cover to provide copies for readers at meetings, conventions, and for those who simply prefer a physical printed book. Not all graphic designers have the experience to create a book cover for today’s print-on-demand services. Let BeauxArts handle the details so you can relax knowing your book will look as good as it was written.

Book Interior Design Service

Up to 300 pages with revisions.

Creating a stunning cover for your book is only half the project. You also need a talented interior designer to make your book look as good on the inside as it does on the outside! We specialize in formatting, typesetting, and designing books with either black and white or full-color interiors.

eBook Cover + Interior Design Service

Up to 3 design concepts with revisions.

There is more than just uploading your manuscript for your ebook to look professional on e-readers. BeauxArts will properly format and tailor your manuscript so that it is a pleasure for your readers to get into  your story.

Print Book Cover + Interior Design Service

Up to 3 design concepts with revisions.

Of course with a beautiful intriguing cover you book’s interior must look just as exceptional. BeauxArts’ artisans will carefully design your manuscript so that once printed, it will be just as beautiful as your cover.

Print Book & eBook Cover + Interior Design Service

Up to 3 design concepts with revisions.

New and experienced authors alike appreciate having someone like BeauxArts offer them the expert industry knowledge it takes to deliver a published book that gets noticed.