Manuscript Services

Editing. Review. Design.

Manuscript Services

We make your stories shine with professional editing and design.

Copy Editing

$0.04 / word 

BeauxArts literary experts can help craft your work with a professional eye for details even experienced authors often miss.

  • Includes Proofreading
  • Plot holes and issues
  • Voice & Cadence
  • Story suggestions
  • Suggest ideas for improving


$0.03 per word

BeauxArts experts will proof your manuscript for common issues and corrections we all typically miss.

  • Typographical corrections
  • Grammatical issues
  • Ideas for word changes

Manuscript Review

$0.02 per word

BeauxArts experts will do a once-through read and review of your manuscript for typical issues and corrections.

  • A Single-pass Read and Review
  • Light Copyediting and Proofing
  • Typographical corrections
  • Grammatical issues