Yes. BeauxArts can assist you in registering a new website domain specific for your author name or business book project. If you already have a domain then you can either point your domain to our nameservers or we can transfer it to our domain provider. Usually, it's easier to just have us manage the technical aspects of your domain.

Of course. We do not own your website or domain. You can move your site anywhere you wish. However, BeauxArts has certain content and application licensing in place for elements of your website that you do not own. You will need to purchase these content and/or application licenses if you choose to move your site to another hosting provider. Content and application licenses typically cost about $150 to $200 with some licenses needing to be renewed annually. BeauxArts provides these licenses at no cost to our clients. is a sister company of BeauxArts. When we design your website you never leave the BeauxArts family and we take care that your site is up and running 24-7. Your site is hosted on Amazon servers and we provide you with low-level cPanel access to your site if you really want to get your hands dirty. However, for most authors, we can handle any updates to your site as your web team. All websites use WordPress with licensed customized themes and components.