How many versions will you create?

We try to create as few “versions” of a cover as possible since each version takes time. By asking you the right questions, by actually reading your work, we can typically get a great feel for the type of cover that will display and sell your book the best.

We typically ask clients to show us the types of covers they’s seen that they like. Then we’ll ask about color scheme and content. If your work is a business book, what is your unique selling proposition—this should be the title, or as close to the title as possible.

Keep in mind that what we create may not be exactly what you think you need. We are marketing experts. Overly complex covers are a distraction in the marketplace. No one is going to notice specific story details on the cover.

Once we set the direction for the cover, we’ll typically then make incremental adjustments, “revisions”, to your liking.