Do I own all of the creative work BeauxArts produces for me?

Yes. We operate under a “work for hire” contract with you. That means that you own all of the work BeauxArts produces for you including creative collateral such as Photoshop files, Word or InDesign files, images, etc. You can take and do with those files anything that you wish without needing any permission from us.

Images—You will not have exclusive rights to certain royalty-free images that we may use from various stock image providers. We provide these to you free of charge, but understand that these images, videos (for websites), and other content are free for you to use with or within your project. Such use is very much industry standard with any publishing project.

Updates—If you need changes or updates to collateral after the project is complete, we will be happy to make such changes for an hourly fee.

Fonts—BeauxArts utilizes an extensive library of licensed fonts that we have invested thousands of dollars into. Because of these licensing agreements. we unfortunately cannot provide you with licensed fonts. If you need changes or updates to collateral that uses a licensed font, we will be happy to make such changes after the project is complete for an hourly fee.

Cancellations—Note that if you cancel a project before it is complete, BeauxArts does NOT transfer any rights to our creative to you; and we retain all collateral. What this means is that you are not just buying our time. We have invested decades of our lives building expertise in this industry. It is this deep experience that you are buying as well.