Can I cancel the project?

Absolutely. If you need to cancel your project for any reason, BeauxArts will refund any unused portion of your payment. This mean we will calculate the number of hours we’ve actually spent on your project and deduct those billed hours from the service fee paid. If you cancel the project after only a few days, you would receive the majority of your service fees refunded. If you cancel the project half-way through, you can expect to receive about half of your service fees refunded.

We always try to treat our clients as we ourselves would like to be treated. We’re up-front about the time and expertise it takes to produce exceptional work. You don’t work for free and neither can we. If we invest 30 hours of our time on your project and you decide to cancel, we still expect to be paid for our time invested in your project.

Note that if you cancel a project before it is complete, BeauxArts does NOT transfer any rights to our creative to you; and we retain all collateral. What this means is that you are not just buying our time. We have invested decades of our lives building expertise in this industry. It is this deep experience that you are buying as well.

Please read our standard Terms of Services for the legal details of canceling a project.