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“Not only do I show you how it’s done from a business perspective, but I show you how to avoid the scams as well!”

—Beau Beauchamp, Author or over 20 novels on Amazon

The Ultimate Guide to Building a 6-figure Self-publishing Business

Whether you’re a first-time author or a seasoned writer with a whole series under your belt, the act of successfully marketing our work in a way that becomes profitable still eludes us.

We run ads on Facebook and Amazon, buy all kinds of online programs promising “insider secrets”; we attend expensive seminars; subscribe to various blogs and social media—and none of it delivers the success of selling our books at a profit, let alone a 6-figure income.

The reason most self-published authors “fail” to achieve success is because we don’t treat our writing AS a business. We don’t have a real business plan and we don’t know how to market our work in a way that will help us achieve real sustaining success long-term.

A decade-long veteran of self-publishing, Beau Beauchamp is a successful author with over 20 published books on Amazon, and the co-owner of an elite book publishing design studio. Within The 6-Figure Author, Beau dives deep into the publishing industry and shows you how it’s done—from a business perspective!

Even better, Beau steers you away from the SCAMS and fly-by-night operators hawking book-marketing gimmicks online that never work and will only end up costing you valuable time and money.

So if you are dead serious about becoming a successful self-published author, if you’re willing to treat your obsession with writing AS a business and not just a hobby, if you are in this for the long-haul and not some “get-rich-quick” scheme, then this book will help guide you to building a successful business that can indeed bring you that elusive 6-figure income.

Learn What the Professionals Know

Market Like the Pros Do

Learn the methods the pros use.

When marketing your books you need a marketing plan that doesn’t just sell a handful of copies here and there, but one that actually scales to tens of thousands of potential readers without costing your valuable time.

Start Small. Grow Over Time.

Not a get-rich-quick scheme.

A plan for any size operation. Start small and work your way into bigger and bigger campaigns that pull like the professionals use to make huge sales we as hobby writers only dream of!

Produce Professional Quality Books

How to get the most professional quality product.

Too many of us have been told to just look for the least expensive designers, editors, publishers. Beau shows you how and why only a top-quality book will make you the most sales.

Deep Industry Knowledge

Learn insider information most new authors don't know.

If you’re going to be competing in the publishing industry, you need to know the things the pros know and use to make sales. Beau doesn’t just tell you the secrets, but he shows you how to use them to your advantage.

How To Avoid The Scams

Don't fall for impossible promises and schemes.

Throughout this book, Beau not only discusses the best ways to produce and market your work, but also the darker side of self-publishing and how to recognize and avoid the scams plaguing our industry.

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Authors, both new and seasoned, are falling for a whole avalanche of new scams plaguing our industry. DON’T FALL FOR THEM!

Get Beau’s free report that describes the scams, how they work, and why you should not be wasting your hard-earned money on these hucksters.

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"The best $10 you will ever spend on a self-publishing book." —Beau Beauchamp

And if you think it's not worth the price, I'll give you your money back. Guaranteed.

Every writer who is self-publishing needs to know what’s in this book. It’s not just about earning a 6-figure income, but understanding HOW Amazon works and why your marketing campaigns may not be pulling as well as they should be.

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Who is Beau?

Beau Beauchamp is a self-publishing veteran and partner of BeauxArts Design, an elite book design and publishing studio. A successful author of over 20 published books on Amazon, his near decade-long experiences are now yours for the taking. A software engineer turned publisher, Beau brings his skills and business experience to help you succeed as a self-published author:

  • Technology Entrepreneur
  • Prolific Author and Storyteller
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Applications Architect
  • Self-publishing Veteran

Let Beau’s experience and success in self-publishing guide you along your journey.

Why only $10?

Some may be asking why such a powerful book is only $10? You could sell this for $50, easily, and it would be worth every penny!

Because I’m not here to rip you off, that’s why. Scammers all over the place are trying to bilk you for $27 here, $67 there. Don’t fall for the scams. All the information you need to succeed as a self-published author is available right now on Amazon for $10 bucks with your money-back if you hate it.

But you won’t hate it. You need to know what the pros know and you’ll love the read. I guarantee it!

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